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Why Should You Not Ignore Ants at Your Home?

Although tiny in size, ants cause huge damage to your property and health. Ants infestation mostly occurs in monsoon and dry summer. The species is cold-blooded, and so they prefer places with high temperatures.

Detecting ants by pheromones is easy. Usually, they are found in large colonies, mostly where you store food. Therefore, the kitchen is their favourite place. If you find the infestation unmanageable, google ‘ant specialist near me‘ and get an instant solution.

Knowing the nature of ants

Ants prefer to stock large amounts of food in their nest. It helps increase the organic matter of the soil. Leaving food scraps and excreting waste help alter the soil’s chemistry.

Ants act as decomposers by feeding on organic waste, insects or other dead animals. They help keep the environment clean. Carpenter ants build nests in dead wood, increasing the decomposition of timber. They damage porches, walls, window and door frames, decks, and other wood surfaces.

Ants pose various threats to your existence. These could be divided into three categories. These are health risks, home damage, and inviting other pests.

Damages caused by ants :

  1. Ants damage the foundations of your house by digging.
  2. Some people are allergic to ant bites. Their venom may give you anaphylactic shock in extreme cases.
  3. Ants can spread diseases; the symptoms include pain, swelling, itchiness, redness, nausea, diarrhoea, dizziness, stomach cramps, and chest pain.
  4. They carry and spread bacteria, including Salmonella.
  5. They are responsible for spreading diseases like smallpox and dysentery.
  6. The dangerous brown recluse and black widow spider consume ants. Bats are attracted when there is an ant infestation.

Know the signs of an ant infestation. It will help you take measures to get rid of the species.

On locating ants :

  • Pheromones are certain signs of ants’ infestation.
  • Locate them by discarded wings on the floor.
  • Burrows and holes in the wooden material and scattered garbage are other signs of infestation.

Tips to prevent ant infestation in a kitchen :

A clean kitchen tidy can prevent infestation. Wiping down counters and sweeping floors regularly helps eradicate residue and crumbs from spills. Stock food in sealed pest-proof containers and use a refrigerator to store ripe fruits.

Change pot water at regular intervals to check their growth. Use vinegar, boric acids, and boiling water into the cracks, holes, cavities, pipes, and tile joints.

Organic Ant killers :

Bullet ants, bulldog ants, and fire ants are venomous. Organic compounds like lemon, cinnamon, peppermint oil, detergent sprays, and Vaseline work in case of a small infestation. Although, such products are insufficient to prevent queen ants from entering your home.

It is hard to determine whether your house has got a carpenter ant infestation. Hiring experts is beneficial in this regard. Experts use granular baits in ant nests to seal their entry points.

Local ants pest control advises you to

  • block off all the access points.
  • Remove water sources.
  • Keep your kitchen tidy.
  • Take good care of your pets.
  • Work with the best ant exterminator.  

Ant control Brisbane surveys the places rigorously and uses organic compounds which are safe for your kids, pets, and elderly.

According to the local ant control company Brisbane, carpenter ant survive in the moist woods. They reside in satellite nets. Commercial pesticides have various side effects. Appoint licensed and trained professionals to manage the infestation.

Initiatives are taken by Ant Control :

If the problem persists for a long, search for an ‘ants pest control near me to get a quick abrupt solution. Professionals offer useful ant prevention tips.

  • As we monitor the current status.
  • We opt for an in-depth inspection.
  • Also we detect the infested spots religiously.
  • We offer services at a reasonable rate.
  • We sanitize your premises at the end of pest control.
  • The rate is affordable.
  • We clean and sanitize the places.
  • Members are competent, trained, experienced, and licensed.
  • Regular monitoring helps prevent re-infestation.
  • There are possible health hazards of using commercial pesticides.

Eco-friendly Procedure for a Sustainable Solution :

Remember, ants have an important role to play in maintaining ecological balance. It is the need of the hour to look for sustainable solutions, especially when we are fighting climate change.

We apply sweet flag juice dispensers. Professionals apply solar light traps for the best results. The process is inexpensive compared to other techniques.

Chemical pesticides destroy natural soil fertility. Fruits and veggies grown with toxic insecticides are unsafe for human consumption. They can cause several diseases.

Along with a solar panel, specialists use a led bulb in the trap. Ants get attracts to the stand and make them fall into the organic insect powder pool. Pesticides are replaced often.